Photography by: Harrie Boele & Ton Döpp
Storytellers ring by: Werner Braun & Stefan Witjes

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Nobody knows what storytelling is – Erik Sjøholm

About MindTraveller

When Pleun van Vliet was 7 years old, she wrote a letter to the Department of Immigration to ask why people who flee persecution are often not allowed to stay in our country. The answer that “rules are rules” made her feel homeless herself. In return, she made a radio show in which a whale solved the world. After all, he had the bigger perspective.

To satisfy her curiousness about the inner worlds of others, Pleun studied psychology, and consecutively worked as a clinical psychologist for more than 25 years. Her intimate encounters with the ‘oddest ones out’ confirmed her childhood belief that any perspective can be taken, that it’s a joy to befriend ‘others’, and that every stranger needs a home.

illustration of bird waterral - Barbara Bevort
illustration of violets - Barbara Bevort

As a storyteller, Pleun finds her home in the collaboration with colleague storytellers who all have their own character, specialty and perspective. If you want to broaden your mind, it is a privilege to work with people who all bring something different to the table. MindTraveller is a one woman company, but its products are always the result of a joint venture.

In their stories and shows, Pleun and her colleague friends place those who traditionally just play supporting roles centre stage. By telling known stories from the perspective of an outsider, they invite the audience to make place for all those who are ‘other’.

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At MindTraveller we value personal contact with our clients. Being living and breathing animals of flesh and blood, we do not believe establishing genuine contact is served by extensive use of social media. Hence, you will not find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

illustration of orange roses - Barbara Bevort
illustration of forget-me-not flowers - Barbara Bevort

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