About MindTraveller and Pleun

Big oak tree

Confident and dominant personality. Goes against the grain, is very courageous and not afraid of opposition.

Who is MindTraveller?

Some people travel to broaden their minds.

MindTraveller’s Pleun van Vliet explores the minds of others to expand her own.

She is a venturesome voyager, shunning the beaten tracks to discover short cuts, desire paths, and unimaginable ways.

illustration of red amaryllis flowers - Barbara Bevort

Strong and breathtakingly beautiful.

Originally trained as a psychologist, Pleun has travelled thousands of minds.

These intimate journeys have shown her that people – fortunate or underprivileged, free or imprisoned, sane or insane – share a desire: that in the bigger scheme of things their private universe matters, that they mean something to someone.

illustration of aloevera flower - Barbara Bevort
Aloë vera

Begins to thrive in environments where most others fail.

illustration of pitaya plant - Barbara Bevort
Pitaya plant

Colorful with countless little emotions, streams of thought, opinions, interests and points of view.

Pleutianium Multicolori
Pleutianium Multicolori

Exotic, large flower with many colors. Blooms all year round. To be found in the urban jungle. Only 1 of them exists.

illustration of flamboyant tree - Barbara Bevort


Strong standing tree. The flowers also show the delicate, soft side that characterizes the flamboyant.

Cutout of Pleun


Consists of layers: mother, sweet mother, mother-mother (overprotective mother), Christmas tree mother, aggressive-in-traffic mother, Mrs Woman

illustration of bird waterral - Barbara Bevort
illustration of wild flowers - Barbara Bevort
Wild flower garden

Abundant, colorful, omnifarious.

Meaning is a joint venture.

For her 50th birthday, Pleun’s closest friends each chose a plant, tree, or flower they thought described Pleun’s personality best. As you can see, Pleun means different things to different people. Every other meeting of minds uncovers a new story.

picture of a saturnilde moth caterpillar
Saturniidae moth caterpillar

Crazy and wild, and always evolving.

Stories make great travel companions. Their mobile nature opens new doors in our mind.

Do the stories of Pleun told by her friends carry the last word about who she was, is, or ever will be? Unlikely.

Is one of these stories more ‘true’ than another? Certainly not.

Has Pleun discovered something new about herself and her friends through this mindtravelling experiment? Sure thing.

Was it fun? 


illustration of bird of paradise flower - Barbara Bevort

Bird of paradise flower

Striking, extravagant loner.

The more minds of others we embrace, the broader our scope of ourselves, and the richer our view of the world.

That is the voyage of MindTraveller.

Enjoy the ride.

Meet Pleun and what drives her in this (Dutch) podcast by Johanna Kroon.

Parthenocissus (background)

Can reach great heights with the right substrate. Tenacious, faithful. Colorful, the seasons are easy to read from her. Dull walls are greatly improved by her presence.