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Collage of friend, Pleun, and flowers - made by Pleun van Vliet
illustration of flamboyant tree - Barbara Bevort

At MindTraveller we value personal contact with our clients. Being living and breathing animals of flesh and blood, we do not believe establishing genuine contact is served by extensive use of social media. Hence, you will not find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.


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illustration of violets - Barbara Bevort

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illustration of wild flowers - Barbara Bevort

What we are not

Because our stories need time to take shape, grow and mature, we usually can not respond to demands for a ‘quick fix’ of a new project. However, we can offer our already existing repertoire for urgent applications.

MindTraveller does not offer performances to sell a commercial product, or to serve a commercial goal.

We do not offer transition trajectories for groups (i.e. families, neighbours, co-workers, a company).

We do not work with personal transition trajectories that are commissioned by third parties.

Although Pleun van Vliet also works as a professional psychologist, we do not use storytelling as a psychological or therapeutic intervention.

At MindTraveller, we do not write your personal story, nor do we learn you how to write your own story or the story of your life, or how to become a storyteller yourself.