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At the heart of every story lies a desire: to get somewhere else, to experience something new, to leave something behind, to move on further, or to rest with wherever you are.

A good story is like a journey. It carries the transition from one mental or emotional place to another by providing external metaphors of what goes on inside the mind. By addressing all our senses and imagination, stories enable us to envision and open doors of possibility that previously were unimaginable.

What a life changing event means to somebody, only that person can tell. But one person alone can not render meaning. Humans experience meaning through listening and talking together, by sharing a story. 

We all have our own paths to walk, but at important junctions, we like others to witness and embody the experience.

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Pleun with client

A story may testify to a truth: this is what happened, confirm one’s existence: I was there, or bring solace: this is how we cope. It translates our knowledge about life in a way that others – no matter their gender, color, culture or class – can understand: this is why we are here together now

Please contact us for a private/group performance if you would like a story to demarcate a personal transition you have made, or are about to make.


Transitions may entail special occasions that mark a transition from one life stadium to another, like: a birth, birthdays, graduation, leaving home, going on a grand journey, taking or leaving a job, retirement, engagement, marriage, divorce, becoming a (grand)mother or (grand)father, sickness, suffering, and death.

Stories can also illuminate emotional demarcations of a personal choice towards life in general, such as: feeling reborn, feeling freed of something oppressive, chosing a new direction in life, committing to a goal, coping with loss or injustice (or not being able to cope and trying to find meaning in that), creating space for being hurt or damaged, finally saying goodbye to somebody or something, and finding closure.

Pleun with client

Booking Information

Depending on your wishes and needs, we can invite other storytellers and musicians for your performance.

Personal transition trajectories can vary in length, depending on your wishes and needs.

Stories can be performed in Dutch and English.

Usually, personal transition trajectories have no special technical requirements. Storytelling is a highly flexible art form, that readily lends itself for performances for audiences in a variety of in- and outdoor sites, such as the barn behind your house or the sidewalk in front of it, your garden, or a park near you. The planning, duration and location of the performance can usually be easily adjusted to your personal wishes and needs.

Personal transition trajectories can be very festive, as well as intense. In order to receive the story in the right way, we need an audience that is able to listen.

Because storytelling is about contact and sharing an experience, we strongly prefer to perform live before a non-virtual audience.

We travel one-on-one with the individual person who him- or herself experiences a need to take the trip; we do not work with individual trajectories that are commissioned by third parties. However, you can present someone you love or care for with a personal transition trajectory as a gift.

We do not offer transition trajectories for groups (i.e. families, neighbours, co-workers, a company).

Upon request.

Please note that artistic performances are charged with an additional 9% VAT.

Prices for performances in the context of seminars and conferences are charged with an additional 21% VAT.

All stories we perform are original and personal work, conceptualized and written by Pleun van Vliet (and maybe others joining your project).

By the Dutch Copyright Act (Auteurswet) copyrights for the complete text as well as significant, recognizable findings and parts of the text, and all kinds of visualization of the performance (including photographs and videos for promotional purposes) finally reside with the authors.

It is forbidden by law to copy, distribute, print or publish any written transcripts, quotes from, or pieces of our stories, or photos or videos of performances without written permission of the authors.

For questions about copyrights of our stories, please contact the authors via