Privacy & Copyrights

All stories written and performed by MindTraveller (including adaptations of existing stories, like myths and fairytales) are original and personal works, conceptualized and written by Pleun van Vliet (and maybe others joining a specific project).

By the Dutch Copyright Act (Auteurswet) copyrights for the complete text of the stories as well as significant, recognizable findings and parts of the text, and all kinds of visualization or auditory imagery of the performances (including recordings, podcasts, photographs and videos for promotional purposes) finally reside with the authors.

It is forbidden by law to copy, distribute, print or publish any written transcripts, quotes from, or pieces of our stories, audio recordings, photos, or videos of performances without written permission of the authors.

In the case of a personal transition trajectory, the client receives a final draft of his or her story at the end of the performance. However, the artistic ownership of the (adaptation of) this story still resides with MindTraveller. This means that the client does not have the right to use, record, print, duplicate, publish, broadcast, or perform the story him- or herself in any way (including social media) without explicit and written consent of the author.

In the case of a personal transition trajectory, MindTraveller reserves the right to use and/or adapt the story made for the client for other performances, audio and/or video recordings, podcasts, and written or otherwise published publications on the condition that personal details that may reveil the identity of the original client are being removed from the story, or changed in such a way to make recognition impossible.

For questions about copyrights of our stories, please contact the authors via