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© photography by Karl Giesriegl

Stories From Love Experts is a 30-45 min storytelling show performed by Pleun van Vliet and Farah Coppola.

Stories From Love Experts premiered at the Amsterdam Huiskamer Festival on September 4th 2021.

© Photography by Johan Molenaar

The Show

In Stories From Love Experts, two therapists open their heart to provide the ultimate medicine for those who have lost faith in love.

Eight tender stories, describing love in all its colors, smells, sounds and appearances – food, cats, a grandmother, a mountain, an afternoon in the library with your toddler, work, family, God – provide the ingredients you need to remedy a broken heart.

Those who are not cured after the performance, will receive a repeat recipe to continue the routine at home. Or maybe, they just need a follow-up appointment?

Photo of performance "Stories from Love Experts"

The Making Of

Photo of making of performance "Stories from Love Experts"

This project began with Farah who wanted to make a performance about family, and Pleun discovering that she and Farah had nothing in common with regard to this subject. But they had both loved a lot of people and things in many ways. So, love stories it had to be!

We wanted to feel good and have fun with this show. No unrequited hearts, no divorces or untimely deaths Romeo-and-Julia-style, unless serving as U-turns towards a happy ending. In short: not the mayhem love often ends up to be, but something warm, sweet and funny that would nonetheless be both challenging and profound. No pressure… 🙄

How could we make our audience feel good, too? Every storyteller knows that a tale doesn’t warm up just because the performer thinks it’s cute. Nor does the audience automatically melt when you use ‘hot’ words. It has to be the real deal, which is risky business with a potentially cheesy topic like love.

Photo of making of performance "Myths of Giftedness"
Photo of making of performance "Stories from Love Experts"

We found the panacea in our own experience: every story – no matter what topic or structure – that invoked the feeling of love in ourselves should have the desired effect upon others.

And it did! Using our own hearts as the sole guideline, we ended up with a kaleidoscopic love experience for everyone, funked up with spoken word elements, and topped off with a secret ingredient that kept our visitors smiling for days.


Concept, text & performance: Pleun van Vliet & Farah Coppola.

Many thanks to: Sahand Sahebdivani for his inspirational text advice.

Booking Information

Stories From Love Experts is performed by 2 storytellers: Pleun van Vliet and Farah Coppola.

Stories From Love Experts is a 30-45 min show that is played without a break.

Stories From Love Experts can be performed in either Dutch or English.

Depending on the size of the audience, Stories From Love Experts might need voice amplification.

Stories From Love Experts works really well in an intimate, small scale, homely, or even private setting.

Upon request.

Please note that artistic performances are charged with an additional 9% VAT.

Prices for performances in the context of seminars and conferences are charged with an additional 21% VAT.

Stories From Love Experts©2021 is an original and personal work, conceptualized and written by Pleun van Vliet and Farah Coppola.

By the Dutch Copyright Act (Auteurswet) copyrights for the complete text as well as significant, recognizable findings and parts of the text, and all kinds of visualization of the performance (including photographs and videos for promotional purposes) finally reside with the authors.

It is forbidden by law to copy, distribute, print or publish any written transcripts, quotes from, or pieces of Stories From Love Experts©2021, or photos or videos of its performances without written permission of the authors.

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